Friday, May 12, 2006

Wake up Barodians

I have been born and brought up in Baroda and I dont need to say how much I love the city. I used to think it is the coolest city in the country. But now I have serious doubts.

When I first left the city to study in college, I realised its importance. I really missed it. But now, I am very far from the city and don't miss it at all.

The reasons are obvious. I come from the old city area of Baroda and it has become so riot prone. Even the smallest and craziest reasons are turned into political issues. I think that the feelings of people are manipulated by some others.

I think its time for the people of Baroda to wake up and make a difference.

Lets make it the best city in the country. Next time I hear about Baroda in the news channel, I should not be disappointed and ashamed in front of my friends from other cities.

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