Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Modi's dilemma

Narendra modi used "5 karod Gujarat ni janata..." often during the time of state elections. Now the elections are due in 2 years and I think he has not done anything substantial in the rule thus far. Except that he has made some really cool cities like Baroda, a lot insecure.

But, all thats past and now he needs something for the next election. Maybe a miracle, maybe another Godhra. Well we have to wait and watch.

For the time being he is keeping his fingers crossed and pouncing on any petty issue coming his way. Aamir being the current target. Don't know how much will it help. He has done a great job of confusing people on the actual statements made by Aamir on Gujarat. Some reporter reported his comments on Vadodara violence without proof and "Gujarat ki jantaa ko thes lagi..."

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