Thursday, May 25, 2006

My reservations on Reservation

With protests heating up all over the country and the government refusing to bow down, people are thinking they are in for a real life "Rang de Basanti".

For me, I am taking a neutral stand on the issue. Reason is simple! I can't reject something which I am not getting. I am not getting reservations, hence I cannot reject them.

People are talking about equality for all, but who are those people anyways. If a person from OBC or SC/ST is opposing the reservations then it makes sense.

Without confusing you more, in plain language I would like to write:

...i am supporting the reservations because i am getting reservation
...i am opposing the reservations because i am not getting reservation
I dont see the opposition leading anywhere. Instead now the people of the country should get united and it is upto the people who are benefitting from reservation to use it morally. Like, the son of an IAS officer does not need a reservation. It should upto him to decide whether he wants to get in by merit(allowing someone in real need to get it) or by reservation.

Yet another lesson in morality.

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