Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Volunteer activity in Gujarat

If you are interested in doing any volunteering activity in Gujarat, please register yourself at http://www.iamvolunteer.com.

This site is also open to organizations who are seeking volunteers.

Please visit the site and submit you details.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Himesh Magic or should I say Black Magic!?

Yesterday a news on sabse tej channel aaj tak, about a village in Anand district. In a "Kabrastan" (graveyard), if you sing the song "jhalak dikhla ja... ek baar aaja..." a ghost from a grave takes it personally and indeed shows up to the person singing.

Already 8 cases have been reported while singing the same song.

May be we should have a live concert by Himesh himself for the graveyard audience.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Modi's dilemma

Narendra modi used "5 karod Gujarat ni janata..." often during the time of state elections. Now the elections are due in 2 years and I think he has not done anything substantial in the rule thus far. Except that he has made some really cool cities like Baroda, a lot insecure.

But, all thats past and now he needs something for the next election. Maybe a miracle, maybe another Godhra. Well we have to wait and watch.

For the time being he is keeping his fingers crossed and pouncing on any petty issue coming his way. Aamir being the current target. Don't know how much will it help. He has done a great job of confusing people on the actual statements made by Aamir on Gujarat. Some reporter reported his comments on Vadodara violence without proof and "Gujarat ki jantaa ko thes lagi..."

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fanaa finally releasing in some multiplexes

Probably a stale news for many, but some of the leading muliplex chains are releasing Fanaa after individual negotiations with Yashraj.

The multiplexes which are releasing it today are Adlabs, PVR and Cinemax.

However, chains like Inox are still adamant. Situation in Gujarat is anyways... hopeless

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat - Narmad

The name of this blog is "Garvi Gujarat". Where else find the mention of the same than in poet Narmad's creation.

Read it full in Gujarati from here

You can also listen it online from here

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My reservations on Reservation

With protests heating up all over the country and the government refusing to bow down, people are thinking they are in for a real life "Rang de Basanti".

For me, I am taking a neutral stand on the issue. Reason is simple! I can't reject something which I am not getting. I am not getting reservations, hence I cannot reject them.

People are talking about equality for all, but who are those people anyways. If a person from OBC or SC/ST is opposing the reservations then it makes sense.

Without confusing you more, in plain language I would like to write:

...i am supporting the reservations because i am getting reservation
...i am opposing the reservations because i am not getting reservation
I dont see the opposition leading anywhere. Instead now the people of the country should get united and it is upto the people who are benefitting from reservation to use it morally. Like, the son of an IAS officer does not need a reservation. It should upto him to decide whether he wants to get in by merit(allowing someone in real need to get it) or by reservation.

Yet another lesson in morality.

Will Fanaa flop?

Finally, the dispute between Yashraj and Multiplex owners remain unsolved and 'Fanaa' is set to release tomorrow without the Multiplex.

A film is rated hit or flop, based on the collections i.e. profit or loss it makes. I am not sure about the budget of Fanaa but a lot of revenue hit will be taken especially if the film is not upto the expectation.

May be we are naive and do not have the whole picture. May be Yashraj has already worked out on this. May be he wants the film to reach to the masses by realising it only in single screen theatres. Are we on to a new trend?

Lets wait and watch!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fanaa'd by news from Gujarat

Yet again a bad news from Gujarat. The movie fanaa is fanaa'd before even releasing.

The star of the movie Aamir Khan, known to be media shy, has now suddenly changed his style and has started getting into controversies. At least, the media is happy.

Whatever be the reasons, whatever be his personal views, we have ministers in Gujarat who comment "Every day innocent people are killed in Kashmir.." Can anyone ask him does he mean that "so everyday innocent people should be killed in Gujarat too..." and "... it is a tit for tat".

Only God knows where Gujarat is heading to. We are no longer talking about expanding IT base in the cities or investing in infrastructure and other real progressive issues. Hope another Bihar is not in the making.

Another wake up call. This time to all the Gujaratis.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wake up Barodians

I have been born and brought up in Baroda and I dont need to say how much I love the city. I used to think it is the coolest city in the country. But now I have serious doubts.

When I first left the city to study in college, I realised its importance. I really missed it. But now, I am very far from the city and don't miss it at all.

The reasons are obvious. I come from the old city area of Baroda and it has become so riot prone. Even the smallest and craziest reasons are turned into political issues. I think that the feelings of people are manipulated by some others.

I think its time for the people of Baroda to wake up and make a difference.

Lets make it the best city in the country. Next time I hear about Baroda in the news channel, I should not be disappointed and ashamed in front of my friends from other cities.